The stars came out Sunday for the opening of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

And per usual, iBeyonce not only shined like the superstar she is, but wrote a passionate note on social media about what the achievement means, as Perry's is the only major film studio in the nation owned by an African American person.

"Congratulations to Tyler Perry on the opening of his studios. I could feel our ancestors' presence. Surrounded by my heroes, I watched Denzel, Queen Oprah, Spike, Whoopi, Sir Poitier, Will, Halle, Dame Cicely and our angels John Singleton and Diahann Carroll honored," she wrote.

The icon added that it took "generations of blood, sweat and tears, success, excellence and brilliance" to get to this historic point.

"It makes me so proud, so full, I could not stop crying," she added. "Thank you my Virgo brother for so much love and passion put into every detail. My prayer today is that you will take it all in. You inspire me to dream even bigger."

Though she admitted that happy tears were shed, Beyonce looked absolutely stunning in a yellow gold dress alongside husband Jay-Z.

On the red carpet, ABC News caught up with other celebs about the historic nature of the night's event.

"Tyler Perry is doing stuff that's unprecedented," said Oscar-winner Spike Lee. "He's doing stuff that's never been done before. So, this is a very extraordinary night, just not for black America, this is for globally. This is a historic night."

Lee's fellow Oscar-winner Viola Davis agreed and added that Perry's accomplishment will also be an inspiration to others.

"He's a trailblazer," Davis said. "He's doing something that is iconic which is building the first black studio. And I think it's very timely ... the big thing for me in terms of inclusion and diversity, the big step is autonomy. We need ownership. We need to know that we're in control of our content."

For Samuel L. Jackson, however, Perry's studio opening meant something more significant. It meant young people in the community who had big dreams of going to Hollywood would now get the same experience locally.

"That they have a place that they can come to and learn and understand and demystify the film process and hopefully become great filmmakers themselves and make this studio equal to Fox, Universal and Warner Brothers," he said.

Perry would agree, adding his humble beginnings from a once-struggling playwright to even living out of his car, were just a drop in a bucket from what was truly in store for him as an entrepreneur and studio owner.

"My whole intention tonight, my whole hope is that somebody gets inspired," he said. "If that happens then, I'm good."

Perry added that he also wanted "to inspire somebody to dream, to believe that they can do it too. No matter where he came from."

Meanwhile, legendary actress Cicely Tyson, 94, was just thankful to be there and witness Perry's vision come to life.

"I just wonder if I didn't live this long, where would I be," she said. "I would come down from heaven. To experience this moment. That's what I would do. That's how much it means to me to be here. And I'm so grateful to God that he's speared me. Really I am."