Chef, author, athlete, dad and most recently on social media -- chief roasting officer -- Gordon Ramsay delivered his latest hot take on a questionable home-cooking technique seen on TikTok.

Ramsay, who has a television persona with a fiery attitude directed at incompetent cooks in the kitchen, used the Duet feature on the video-sharing app to critique an attempt at whole-roasted chicken, puncturing the marinated skin with toothpicks.

Using the hashtag #RamsayReacts, the London-based chef responded to the poultry that looked more like a porcupine.

While some recipes have earned words of praise from the "Hell's Kitchen" star, others succeeded only at aggravating him.

One so-called recipe for a "low-carb sandwich" put cream cheese, turkey and spinach between two halves of an orange bell pepper, prompting one of the most well-known Ramsay responses -- "That's an idiot sandwich."


That’s not a Healthy Sandwich this is an ##idiotsandwich !!! ##duet with @myhealthydish ##ramsayreacts ##fyp

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Another that made the celebrity chef see red was a "steak wedding cake," which is exactly as it sounds: three tiers of steaks "frosted" with mashed potatoes and adorned with rose-shaped bacon crisps.

"That’s not a wedding cake that’s a divorce cake," Ramsay said in the caption with his real-time reaction video.

His video responses also serve as a valuable PSA to Ramsay's fans about what not to do in the kitchen, from over-salting a rib-eye steak to over-working scrambled eggs.

Brave TikTok culinary creators continue to seek out Ramsay's opinions by posting a recipe with the hashtag #RamsayReacts.