Hilary Duff took some time out Tuesday to reach out to all the mothers on Instagram and "share a few thoughts on breast-feeding."

The mom of two just reached a new milestone with her daughter Banks, who recently turned six months old.

She admitted that for her, the time is now to stop pumping and breast-feeding.

"I am a working mom of two. My goal was to get my little girl to six months and then decide if I (and her of course) wanted to keep going," she wrote. "Let me tell you. Pumping at work sucks. I had zero down time and am usually pumping in a hair and make up trailer while four hands work to get me ready for the next scene with lots of other people around."

The actress knows that she has help, but she also admits even if she did have any privacy at work, "you have to sit upright for the milk to flow into the bottles!"

"Ttttthen having to find someplace to sterilize bottles and keep your milk cold (ok I’m done with that rant lol)!" she continued.

PHOTO: Hilary Duff out with her children, Banks Violet Bair and Luca Cruz Comrie, May 4, 2019, in Los Angeles.
Hilary Duff out with her children, Banks Violet Bair and Luca Cruz Comrie, May 4, 2019, in Los Angeles.

The "Younger" star says things were different with her first child Luca, 7 now, because she didn't work for the majority of his first year. But despite her message to other moms, she knows how lucky she is to have her new daughter.

"With all of this complaining, I want to say I enjoyed (almost) every moment of feeding my daughter. Felt so lucky to be so close to her and give her that start. I know many women are not able to and for that I am sympathetic and very grateful that I could," she wrote.

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🐺 pack.

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She closed with, "But I needed a break. I was going to break ... Moms get high on feeling like superwoman...because we are!"

Duff asked for comments from other moms on her post and they came through at a rapid pace.

With almost a million likes, women came out in droves on Instagram and wrote messages like, "YOU’RE AWESOME. I so needed to read this today. Thank you!!!!!"

Another added, "When I went back to work at 6 months with my daughter, trying to find time to pump and keep my supply up was maddening. I finally made what I thought was a heartbreaking decision to stop all together, but as you said, she had six months of moms milk and that in itself is amazing. Keep up the good work!! Moms rock."

Moms do rock and so does Duff ... literally.