Jason Aldean’s still flying high from the success of “If I Didn’t Love You,” his duet with Carrie Underwood, which raced to the top of the country charts and earned a slew of awards show nominations in the wake of its release.

And when asked if he’s hoping to repeat the experience, Jason said he is "open to that" -- but any future collaborations with Underwood all hinge on finding the right material.

“I really feel like the songs dictate where you go with duet partners and things like that,” Aldean explained to ET.

"I mean, I'm always open to collaborating with anybody," he told the outlet. "I felt like, with this particular song, Carrie was the voice that I heard for this song."

Regardless of what the future holds, Jason and Carrie’s journey with “If I Didn’t Love You” isn’t done yet: The song’s music video is nominated in two categories at the upcoming CMT Music Awards show, which airs April 11.