Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 50th birthday last month with a huge, star-studded bash in Miami. She also dedicated her entire "It's My Party" world tour to celebrating the occasion.

The singer recently opened up in a tour video blog on why she wanted to mark the big day in such a grand way.

"Everybody thought I was crazy when I wanted to go out and let everybody know that I was 50," she shares in the video. "That was something -- they were like 'Why are we highlighting this, again?'"

"But for me, it was important," she continued. "It was important as a woman to do that -- to let people know that you don’t get to write women off at a certain point in their life."

"You don’t get to write people off," she adds.

Another message she really wanted to send to the world through her tour? "You’re getting better and better as you go, so long as you are open to the experience of growing and evolving," she shares.

"Until we started the show, it just seemed like a fun idea to me to have a party all summer ... that it would be so much fun to celebrate my fiftieth birthday in this way," she shared.

However, she started to realize that her tour meant much more to people.

“I didn’t realize that in just being myself and being unafraid to say that to the world: I’m a woman, I’m 50 years old and I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere, was gonna mean so much to so many people,” she shares.

With her tour finished up, Lopez is now promoting her new film "Hustlers," which premieres Sept. 13.