John Legend is a multi-talented performer, but the EGOT winner's main priority is raising his children with Chrissy Teigen: Luna, 5, and Miles, 2.

Legend recently sat down with E! Online to offer his advice to new parents ahead of Mother's Day and Father's Day.

"As a husband, I feel like one, it's very difficult right after delivery for a woman," Legend said. "A lot of women deal with postpartum depression. There's a lot going on with your body and your hormones."

"As a husband, we've got to be reliable," he continued. "We've got to be a rock. We've got to be there for our wives. We've got to be as present and available as possible to help with whatever needs to be done."

Legend said late last year that he and Teigen were "stronger together than we've ever been."

After suffering a pregnancy loss in September -- when the couple lost their son Jack -- Legend said they leaned on one another for support.

"I just know that I love my wife more than ever," Legend said during an appearance on "Good Morning America" in November. "We've been through so many challenges together and they've made her stronger, and I know that doesn't always happen when people go through tragedy."

He added, "But I feel like the challenges we face together have made us feel even more sure about who we are together as a couple, and who we are as a family."