For John Stamos, living with his son Billy is like living in a real-life sitcom.

The "Full House" alum told "Good Morning America" on Thursday that Billy -- who turns 3 on April 10 -- is quite the comedian and "loves to laugh."

"He loves to do shtick and bits," Stamos, 57, explained. "I push him on the swings and I say, 'I'm just a dad not paying attention,' and he kicks me in the butt."

The "ER" alum also said "no one told me" how hard it would be to raise a kid, but luckily he has wife Caitlin McHugh to help. He and McHugh, 34, married in February 2018, just weeks before Billy was born.

"He's the light of our life," Stamos said about their son, adding that Billy has been "the only silver lining" for him and McHugh during the pandemic. "It's a lot, so my hat is off to all the parents out there."

"I ran into someone the other day who said, 'Now you're finally going to look old with your hair,'" he joked.

Stamos can soon be seen starring on the new Disney+ series "Big Shot," which hits the streaming site on Friday, April 16, with new episodes each week.

On "Big Shot," Stamos plays Coach Korn, a men's basketball coach who has been ousted from the NCAA but is given a chance to redeem himself by coaching a girl's team at an elite private high school.

Stamos said it was "tough" connecting with his character at first, calling Coach Korn "unlikeable" and "a bully," but he eventually learned to "sit back and trust the writing."

PHOTO: A scene from the show "Big Shot."
Gilles Mingasson/Disney+
A scene from the show "Big Shot."

The actor also said "people need this show right now" and he never could have imagined that the subject of inequality in women's basketball -- particularly at the college level -- would be getting so much attention around the time "Big Shot" came out.

Said Stamos, "This is one of those shows you wait for your whole career."

"Big Shot" will be available to stream on Disney+ beginning April 16.

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