The Jonas Brothers weathered a few breakup rumors when Nick Jonas revived his solo career by releasing his fourth album, "Spaceman."

Despite Nick's foray back into the recording studio without his two brothers -- Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas -- in tow, the band attests they are not going their separate ways.

Speaking to "Access Hollywood", the trio shot down rumors the band is breaking up.

"This band is obviously still together and still doing its thing," Kevin, 33, pointed out, noting how he and Joe, 31, are "excited" to support their little brother's new album. "It’s exciting and shows all the different sides of everything we can do, which is really cool."

Nick added that the COVID-19 pandemic brought the band closer together, explaining, "It’s obviously been a crazy year for everybody and we’re navigating it as a family the best we can, but also as bandmates by just staying in close contact as we can."

The 28-year-old noted that, while he hasn't been able to see his two older brothers as much as he'd like, it was "nice" being able to reconnect during "a few rare occasions."

The Jonas Brothers reunited in 2019 following a six-year hiatus, releasing their massive fifth studio album, "Happiness Begins," which included breakout hits "Sucker," "Cool" and "Only Human."