Lance Bass may have just reignited one of the most heated rivalries in pop music: NSYNC versus the Backstreet Boys.

The singer, who was a member of late '90s boy band NSYNC, recently shared TikTok video of him mouthing along to a now-viral Trisha Paytas clip in which she says, "Huh? What? Oh...OK" and laughs in confusion. On the screen reads: "When people say BSB is better than *NSYNC" as Bass rolls his eyes.

The 42-year-old then captioned the video, "Am I starting another #boyband war? Debate in the comments."

As fans sounded off in comments, Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean responded, "here we go again" in a comment. Bass wrote: "Tis the season!"

Another fan shared: "My older sis was BSB and I was *NSYNC, it was an all out war in our home. My poor mom." "Prayers to your mom," Bass replied.