Luke Bryan has dealt with plenty of loss in his life, including the death of both his brother, Chris, and his sister, Kelly, as well as his brother-in-law, Ben. While Bryan says he wishes he hadn't endured so much grief, he also says he is grateful he can use his experience to help others, including one little boy Bryan said he will never forget.

"I believe we were in North Carolina," Bryan recalled in the "My Dirt Road Diary" documentary about his life. "It was a typical meet and greet. This little blonde-headed boy walks up to me and says, 'Can I ask you a question?'"

"I said, 'Well, yeah, buddy,' and I got down on one knee," he continued.

It was what the little boy said next that Bryan still remembers to this day.

"He looked at me and goes, 'I wanna know how you get through every day having lost your brother and your sister, because I lost my sister, and I can't get over it. My heart's broke," Bryan shared.

"It was a big moment for me, because I understood the way I live, with a smile on my face, is important to people," he added.

Bryan is currently on the road on his Proud to Be Right Here tour. His Farm Tour will kick off on Sept. 9.