Luke Bryan offers a tribute to the everyday hero in the video for his latest single, "Country On."

The singer takes viewers into farm life, compiling clips of farmers bailing hay and roping cattle. Miles down the road in downtown Nashville, Bryan spotlights the bartenders at his bar, Luke's 32 Bridge, who are serving up drinks to tourists, including a group of bachelorettes.

The video also features members of the Nashville Police Department and other first responders.

Firefighters, EMTs and members of the military all stand in front of the American flag as Bryan sings, "Hey fireman, boys and girls in blue/ We could sure use a lot more like you/ You come runnin' in anytime, anything goes wrong/ Country on."

The video ends with the superstar standing in the middle of Broadway, the first responders gathered around as he shakes each of their hands before collectively looking up at the fireworks decorating the city skyline.

"It was awesome to spotlight all these great people to create such a special message," Bryan wrote on social media. "Hope y'all like it."

"Country On" is the lead single off his forthcoming album. It's currently in the top 15 on country radio.