These days, Miranda Lambert is happily married to Brendan McLoughlin -- but she said she had to go through quite a few ups and downs to find that happiness.

"When I turned 30, I started to take life in a new direction and really start to understand myself better," the Grammy-winning singer, 38, told People. "And going through hard things obviously makes you get to know yourself better."

Lambert has gone through many of those "hard things" in the public eye. In 2015, she and fellow country superstar Blake Shelton divorced after four years of marriage.

"When you get broken down pretty good, you look at the mirror and you go, 'I have to spend some time with me, learn who I am and what I want,'" Miranda said. "I got to a really good place with myself. Then I met my husband."

Despite all the heartache she endured, Miranda says she has no regrets. She went on to marry McLoughlin, a former NYPD officer, in 2019.

"Without the hard stuff -- the chaos, the crazy schedule, the heartbreak, the falling in love, the falling out of love -- I wouldn't be who I am," she said. "I'm thankful for the lessons, even though they hurt at the time."