Ryan Reynolds is celebrating the safe return of a very special teddy bear.

The bear belongs to 28-year-old Canadian Mara Soriano and it contained a special recording of her late mother's voice -- but it went missing after it was stolen in a bag that also contained her iPad, a Nintendo Switch and other important items.

Her search for the bear went viral and got the attention of fellow Canadian Reynolds, who posted a $5,000 reward for the teddy's safe return, "zero questions asked." He added, "I think we all need this bear to come home."

Apparently, it worked.

On Wednesday, Soriano tweeted a photo of her hugging the precious item. She credited the "Deadpool" star and entrepreneur for the teddy's safe return.

"Break out the Aviation Gin," she tweeted, referencing the liquor brand Reynolds' has invested in. "MAMABEAR is home!"

Reynolds re-tweeted the reunion photo, adding, "In happier news... thank you everyone who searched high and low. To the person who took the bear, thanks for keeping it safe. Vancouver is awesome."

Soriano replied, "THANK YOU RYAN! This wouldn't have been possible without your signal boost!"