After learning that her breast cancer had returned as stage 4 and calling it "a bitter pill to swallow" on "Good Morning America," "Charmed" actress Shannen Doherty says she's ready to fight back by starting a new journey to a healthier life.

She left fans a positive update over the weekend, alongside a slew of pictures of her hanging with friends and preparing a delicious meal. "After a year of dealing with cancer coming back and other stresses, I’m back at it," she confirmed on Saturday. "Taking care of myself and embracing every day."

She admits, however, that's easier said than done because "it’s not always easy. I have days I’m depressed or just plain lazy."

Thankfully, she's not in this fight alone and is able to "push thru with the help of friends."

She revealed that model Anne Marie Kortright is going above and beyond to help her beat breast cancer, saying she "has been relentless in getting me to hike and learning new ways to cook that feed my soul as well as my tummy but in a very healthy way."

The "Beverly Hills, 90210" actress jokingly added that Anne Marie also brought in celebrity personal trainer Kira Stokes "to kick my butt yesterday."

Proving just how relentless Kortright is, on Sunday, Doherty posted on her Instagram stories of the two embarking on an early morning walk on the beach.

The 48-year-old revealed that she has others in her corner, as well. She also thanked personal chef Oren Zroya for teaching her how to cook healthier by making it fun and sustainable.

Overall, Doherty said she had "a productive great week" and ended on a positively tenacious note, "I feel better. My skin is alive and so am I."