Tamron Hall may be a new mom, but she's an old pro at standing up to her critics.

The TV personality, who welcomed a son, Moses, in April, shared with her Instagram followers that a commenter wrote on a post about her upcoming talk show, "Your poor baby must miss you."

Explaining that her "poor baby" was with her on-set, she added that she also employs a "wonderful" nanny to help her care for her child, as there's "no shame in women helping women."

"This mom shame lameness is so corny and toxic," she wrote. "Where I am from when you say 'poor baby' that is not a compliment... like 'bless your heart.' Now back to my poor baby lol. Keep smiling and doing your best. We can talk about anything as long as we start with respect."

Hall, 48, announced her pregnancy one month before delivering her son, telling "Good Morning America" in May that she was nervous about jinxing herself. The talk show host, whose new show, "Tamron Hall," premieres Sept. 9 on ABC, had undergone failed rounds of IVF and didn't think she'd be "strong enough" to share bad news, in the event that something went wrong.

"People mistake privacy for secrecy and I wasn't keeping a secret," she said. "I just so desperately wanted it to work out."

Now that she's back in the office, planning episodes of her upcoming show, Hall wants to be an advocate for other working moms. Expect mom-shaming to be a topic she covers, she wrote on Instagram.

"Love and hugs to all moms, 'other' moms, step moms, 'play' Moms (I get to take you home after we play), those still trying to be moms and those who say I don’t want to be a mom," she wrote.