If it feels like your kids are logging more time on the screens than in the great outdoors this summer, navigate them to the Brave Wilderness playlist for Camp YouTube.

Yes, it's more screen time. But unlike the other videos they've been watching this summer, these will get them inspired to put the device away.

"We are well aware of how challenging things can be right now and that everyone is facing many obstacles due to world events," said Mark Vins, the co-creator of Brave Wilderness. "These summer camp videos are our way to continue to provide and project positivity to our audience in a time when we feel it is needed more than ever."

The channel focuses on both outdoor adventure and wildlife topics. Since launching in 2014, Brave Wilderness has amassed over 17 million subscribers and more than 3.3 billion views on almost 600 videos.

"We want to teach our audience stewardship for the natural world by sharing our love and passion for wildlife and everything that is the great outdoors," said Vins.

He added, "This is the time of year where the outdoors become most accessible to children and families across America and presents the perfect opportunity to learn and most of all have some much needed fun outside."

A highlight of the series is the “how to build a tide pool aquarium” video.

"Fully aware not all viewers have easy access to tide pools, we included alternative environments on our playlist, like exploring creek ecosystems or building worm farms in the Midwest," said Vins. "There really is something for everyone no matter where they live."

Another surefire hit: How to build a worm farm.

Vins is excited to see Brave Wilderness tagged in pictures of kids and families enjoying the outdoors on the channel's social media feeds.

"That means not only are kids learning directly from our videos but they are also taking the initiative and creating real world experiences by getting outside," he said.

Vins does have advice for kids excited to get into the great outdoors: "It should always be done safely and under the supervision of adults. We encourage our viewers to always check with local rules before exploring any public wildlife areas including parks, beaches or nature reserves."