If you're the type who mourns the Christmas tree takedown each year, now you've got the perfect reason to leave it up until spring.

Two words: Easter trees.

An Instagram search for the hashtag #eastertrees yields more than 500 posts. Maybe Easter trees are the simple joy people need this spring.

At least, that's what interior designer Sami Riccioli of Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, thinks.

"The Christmas tree brings so much happiness to me, my husband and children that I decided to keep it up all year round and decorate it for every holiday," she said. "I love creating something that sparks joy, especially during this sad time in our world."

Riccioli's tree is #goals.

Corina Wolfe's is also amazing:

Tracy and Alan Mentzer from Colorado Springs, Colorado, said they started decorating trees for holidays other than Christmas when their kids left the house.

"The last thing my youngest daughter, Dallas Bible, and I did before she joined the Army was to decorate two trees for the living room," Tracy Mentzer told "GMA" of the sentimental reason the tree stayed initially.

"I left them up until we sold the house and moved to France, after we retired. In our apartment in France I put up a tree and decorated it for different holidays because it reminded me of the kids -- we have eight total, five boys and three girls -- and how we always had lots of trees at Christmas so that we could honor the family traditions of each family. We're a blended family and started our marriage with four kids each," she said.

She continued, "When we moved back to the U.S., we kept the tradition of keeping a tree up all year and found this nice slender one that sits nicely in the corner near the fireplace. The dinosaurs are just for fun because who doesn't love dinosaurs?"

Nadia Colucci said her "holi-trees," as she calls them, are a "fun and creative outlet." She wrote on her blog, "in a way, Christmas never ended….it just changed colors! And I think that’s what counts, the spirit of Christmas and its meaning year round. Peace, Love and Joy."

It sure seems true.