Christmas Day has come and gone and in its wake is a houseful of clutter.

Here are four simple ways to get organized after the holidays.

One in, one out

Call it the golden rule of post-holiday organization. For every gift -- whether toy, clothing or electronic -- that comes in, one that's in good condition gets donated or anything that's not gets thrown away.

Rotation, rotation, rotation

There's a reason kids play with the boxes their toys come in rather than the toys themselves -- they're often overwhelmed by the new items in their lives. Leave a favorite gift or two out, and put the rest away. Every month or so, bring out a gift from Christmas and put the one that's been played with away for awhile -- it'll be like Christmas all year long.

Keep those Christmas cards

No need to toss those cards in the trash -- they can serve as the perfect gift tags for next year. Just cut around the portion you don't need and instant tags are ready to go for next year's gifts.

As you put away, keep next year in mind

Take a look at the decorations you didn't use this year as well as the ones it was hard to find a place for. Decide what it might be time to part with and get rid of it this year rather than putting it away.