Thousands of curious creators on TikTok have turned to two simple ingredients to get a taste of the latest viral trend: "healthy Coke."

Amanda Jones first shared a video tutorial for this low-sugar alternative to Coca-Cola earlier in June, using a "splash" of balsamic vinegar and "any sparkling beverage" in a glass with ice to create what certainly shares a resemblance to the popular soda.

In the video Jones said she learned about the drink from her pilates instructor. "And it's a healthy alternative to a Coke. And I am not joking you, it tastes just like a Coke ... You're gonna think I'm insane," she adds, before urging viewers to "go try it out" regardless.

The original video has racked up more than 6.3 million views in just six days with hundreds of other accounts following suit, recreating the drink in various forms.

Jones used a guava flavored LaCroix sparkling water in her concoction, but others have tried everything from Italian water brand Pellegrino to generic brands of lime seltzer.

TikTok star and self-proclaimed Diet Coke connoisseur Tinx shared her spin on the carbonated drink which she said "smells rancid," but gave it a go "for science."

@mandyvjones #duet with @tinx to answer your question, just a “splash” #healthycoke ♬ original sound - Tinx

Jones, who said she's been drinking this for about two years, posted a subsequent video to better define "what a splash of balsamic vinegar" measured out should be -- about half an ounce.

We recreated the trend at home using three bar spoons of authentic aged Italian balsamic vinegar combined with approximately 8 ounces of freshly carbonated water, using a SodaStream for optimal fizz.