If you’re still looking for a date for Valentine’s Day, you may be in luck. At least if you’re in Lee County, Alabama.

This year, you can meet your "paw-fect" match at a speed-dating event hosted by Lee County Humane Society in Auburn, Alabama, aimed to help you find the pet of your dreams.

Through its event, Love Unleashed, potential pet owners who sign up will “speed date” with dogs and cats looking for their forever homes.

Kaitlyn Newell, the programs assistant at Lee County Humane Society who organized the event, said she was inspired by other shelters that tried putting their animals on online dating sites like Tinder.

“We made a matchmaking quiz that people can go and fill out,” Newell told “Good Morning America.” “And then over at the shelter, we look through all the answers and we pick out the pets that best fit their home lives and their environment.”

The event will have 45-minute slots for people to interact with the shelter’s pets.

With this event, Newell hopes it will be the perfect opportunity for people to connect with the animals outside of the kennel and see if they’re a good fit.

“We’ll be able to get them out of the kennel and into a fenced in yard where they can just get to know them one-by-one and see their actual personalities,” said Newell.

To boost their pets’ chances of getting adopted this weekend, Newell set up “dating” profiles of some of the shelter’s pets describing their personality, their likes, dislikes and more.

“We’re just really hoping it can give some of these animals that haven’t been looked at more closely a chance to be taken out of their kennels,” said Newell.

Love Unleashed will happen this weekend at Lee County Humane Society in Auburn, Alabama.