Family November 29, 2022

'Baby Whisperer' police officer helps deliver 5th baby in five years

WATCH: 'Baby Whisperer' police officer helps deliver 5th baby in five years

A New York police officer is officially being hailed a "Baby Whisperer" after he helped deliver a baby on Saturday -- the fifth baby he's helped deliver in five years while on the job.

New York's Suffolk County Police Department received a call to the home of Rebecca Reyes on Saturday. She was in labor and unable to make it to the hospital, the department said in a Facebook post.

Officers Conor Diemer, Jadin Rodriguez, Zachary Vormittag and Jon-Erik Negron rushed to the scene to help Reyes deliver her third child in her living room.

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Baby Owen was safely delivered that morning before an ambulance arrived and transported the healthy mother and baby to a nearby hospital.

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"While this is the third time Rebecca has been part of a baby delivery, one person in the room has her beat," the department wrote. "This is the fifth baby delivery Sgt. Negron has been involved in as a member of the SCPD, earning him the nickname the 'Baby Whisperer.' "

According to New York City ABC affiliate WABC, Negron previously became the godfather of a child he helped deliver in 2017, who was born with their umbilical cord wrapped around their neck. He also helped deliver another baby on the side of a road that same year.

"I thought that my childbirth days were over when I became a sergeant this year and I guess the record lives on so we'll see how many we can take it to," he told WABC on Monday.