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What to expect in 'The Bear' season 2 now streaming on Hulu

WATCH: Stars of ‘The Bear’ talk hit new show

Season two of the hit FX series “The Bear” has finally dropped on Hulu and the show will be filled with some delicious new dishes.

What's cooking in "The Bear" Season 2

The 10 episode season, which became available to stream on Hulu Thursday, is comprised of various food-filled titles and brief descriptions that hint at what's in store.

The season premier, "Beef," describes the inaugural episode as "Faced with the reality of opening a new restaurant, the crew must make a plan;" Episode two, "Pasta," will show the crew splitting up "to work towards their new vision;" Episode three, "Sundae," sends Sydney searching Chicago for culinary inspiration; "Honeydew" will focus on Marcus as he challenges himself; "Pop," episode 5, describes the renovation getting off track; Episode six, "Fishes," is a nod to the Italian-American Christmas celebration, "Feast of the Seven Fishes;" In episode seven, "Forks," we will see Richie staging, a French culinary term in which a cook is exposed to new culinary techniques under another chef's guidance; "Bolognese" will feature "the crew" as they await "a do or die fire suppression test;" Episode nine, "Omelette," will feature the final preparations ahead of The Bear's first service; And in the season finale, "The Bear," their new restaurant goes into service for a friends and family night.

The two-minute trailer that released in May, starts inside the now-newspaper-covered windows of The Original Beef of Chicagoland, where Jeremy Allen White's character Carmy -- the chef and restaurateur protagonist -- has set out to "start fresh and clean."

As the trailer begins, set to AC/DC's "If You Want Blood," we see shots full of restaurant renovations, sizzling steaks basted in bubbling butter, whisking egg yolks into an emulsion, plating up cast iron seared radicchio with rosemary and citrus, and circling important dates on the calendar as they have six months to open the new restaurant with a "chaos menu" concept.

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When the music fades and switches to "Strange Currencies" by R.E.M., Carmy is seen in group therapy saying, "I'm trying to start from a place of positivity," when the shot shifts to bao buns on the flat top and Sydney, played by Ayo Edebiri, taking a bite of luxuriously long, what look to be hand-pulled, noodles.

FX Networks
Jeremy Allen White (Carmen "Carmy" Berzatto) in The Bear Season 2 Official Trailer by FX Networks.

Two of the kitchen's longtime cooks from season one are seen anxiously heading into culinary school as Sydney sits down to interview some new faces.

FX Networks
Ayo Edebiri in The Bear Season 2 Official Trailer by FX Networks.
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All episodes of the new season stream beginning June 22.

"The Bear" Season 2 Teaser

FX previously dropped a teaser trailer during the 95th Academy Awards ahead of the show's highly anticipated return.

The first 30-second spot from March picked up where season one ended when Carmy closed the restaurant doors.

The characters, including Carmy’s cousin and sister along with the entire kitchen staff, are seen packing up the old kitchen space before panning to a handwritten sign that reads “The Beef is Closed - Thank You for your Patronage.”

“It's not a reopening, it's a rebirth. FX's The Bear returns this June. Only on Hulu,” the caption for the video said.

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