Food July 25, 2022

How to make watermelon strawberry sangria for the perfect summer cocktail

WATCH: This watermelon and strawberry sangria is so refreshing

Say cheers to summer with a refreshing cocktail that uses two of the season's favorite fruits -- strawberries and watermelon.

When Society Cafe executive chef Manuel González Charles told "Good Morning America" about this cocktail he created during the height of the pandemic, we had to get the recipe.

Strawberry watermelon sangria

Chef Manuel González Charles shares his version of the classic summer cocktail.

Makes: 5-6 quarts


6 cups seedless watermelon

1.5 pounds fresh strawberries

1.5 bottle of rose wine

1.5 cups vodka

1.5 cups cointreau orange liqueur 2 cups fresh OJ

1 orange (sliced)

3 limes (sliced)

10 sprigs mint


Puree the watermelon and strawberries in a blender, then strain through a fine chinois. Squeeze oranges and strain to make the OJ. Combine the rest of the ingredients. Let sit overnight. Use watermelon slices and mint as garnish.

Recipe courtesy of executive chef Manuel González Charles.