Living July 31, 2018

Someone submitted a white wine emoji and we're all praying it becomes a thing

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Attention all you passionate Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon blanc drinkers out there: Your days of using the red wine emoji may be numbered.

A white wine emoji might be coming soon to a phone near you.

Unicode Technical Committee, the governing body tasked with regulating emojis for international coding standards, recently selected for review a proposal to add a white wine icon.

Sonoma County winery Kendall-Jackson is the company behind the submission. Their proposal includes a laundry list of reasons why an emoji of the beverage should be added, including numbers on white wine consumption nationally and renders of what the emoji might look like.

But don’t start popping a bottle of champagne just yet. A decision on adding the emoji won’t be made until spring 2019. In the meantime, the Kendall-Jackson winery is trying to bolster support for their proposal through a #WhiteWineEmoji social media campaign.

“We have been grateful for the amount of support on social media as we are encouraging all white wine lovers to engage with the campaign,” said Maggie Curry, director of marketing at Kendall-Jackson.

The emoji is at least months away in the making, but it certainly has us raising a glass of white wine. Cheers!