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7 primers to help your makeup endure the summer heat and humidity

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Primer recommendations from Ulta Beauty Pro Deney Adam

Summer sweat may not be the glam look you're going for this season.

After hours spent getting ready for summertime gatherings, there is nothing worse than the battle between humidity versus a fresh face of makeup.

"Good Morning America" called on Deney Adam, pro team member at Ulta Beauty, for reccomendations to keep you smudge free.

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"Primer is mainly used after your skin care routine as the last step before you put on your foundation. It can be applied all over the face or on specific areas where it’s needed," Adam said.

"In the summer, less is more -- a sheer layer of moisturizer, primer and then the foundation is the way to go. A silicone-based primer is also great for this season as it minimizes the amount of oil and perspiration that your skin produces.”

When applying your primer, Adam recommends using a dime-sized amount of product.

"You should first apply a moisturizer and let it dry for a few minutes. Next, apply primer all over with your fingers or a brush starting from your nose to cheeks, chin, and then forehead. All primers have different purposes depending on your skins needs," Adam said.

According to Adam, not every primer is for all skin types. Here are some tips on what to look for depending on your skin texture and needs.

Scroll on to shop 7 primer picks from Ulta Beauty, that will have you covered -- no sweat.

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