Adele took to social media on Tuesday to tease her new project, "Easy on Me."

The British singer, 33, shared a short black-and-white clip which features her inserting a cassette tape into her car. As she turns up the volume, a beautiful piano sound begins to play. More information about the project will be released Oct.15, according to the post.

This would be the 15-time Grammy winner's first new music in six years, since she released her album "25" in November 2015. Before that she had released two albums, "19" in January 2008 and "21" in January 2011.

Fans speculated new music might be on the way after Adele tweeted for the first time in nine months on Monday as both Facebook and Instagram went offline for hours.

In the wake of the massive social media outage, Twitter's official account tweeted, "hello literally everyone," in response to users flocking to their site. Adele entered the chat by tweeting back, "Hiya babes!"

Twitter, just as shocked as everyone else, then tweeted, "ahdfljhadsjdlash ADELE?!?!"

The exchange fueled more speculation as rumors continue to swirl that the "Hello" singer is planning to release her long-awaited fourth studio album, which will likely continue her tradition of naming her albums after her age.

Along with her return to Twitter, Adele also updated her social media accounts Monday with a blurred teal-colored profile picture and banner. Her website also matches these changes and includes a link for fans to sign up for updates.