Amanda Kloots shared a heartbreaking throwback with her late husband Nick Cordero over the weekend.

The fitness trainer, who regularly posts updates on her grief journey with her followers, posted an old photo she found on Cordero's phone and reflected on how much she missed being near him.

"I don’t remember him taking this picture but know exactly where we are here," she wrote. "I really miss sleeping next to him, cuddling into his shoulder and having someone to hold. ❤️"

Cordero died at the age of 41 on July 5, after facing complications from COVID-19 for three months.

Kloots also shared a post of her Instagram story about how eating meals by herself is difficult after the loss of her husband.

Alongside a photo of her dinner she prepared after putting her 1-year-old son Elvis to sleep, she wrote, "Is it hard to eat alone? For me. Yes. I won't lie. Sometimes so hard I don't even have an appetite. But, I make dinner and sit down at my new table and try to stay positive."

She explained what motivates her to keep going. "I stay grateful for my home. This food. My health and Elvis. I have to stay happy and healthy for that boy."

Kloots refers to Elvis as her "little piece of Nick."

"Elvis is such a little lover," she captioned a photo kissing her son. "He gives me kisses all day long and recently gives me taps on the back when he hugs me. I’m so grateful for him."

Check out the video Kloots shared of Elvis saying his first words -- that had a special connection to Cordero -- here.