For Anthony Ramos, starring in "Hamilton" was a life-changing experience in more ways than one.

Not only did it catapult him and the rest of the cast of the Tony Award-winning Broadway hit to fame, but it has left a lasting impression on him and the way he lives his life.

According to Ramos, show creator Lin-Manuel Miranda -- whom he calls "brilliant" -- wrote songs that were as relevant in 2015 as they are now. Specifically, he points to "My Shot" as a source of inspiration.

"I think those lyrics have been powerful to me from the moment I heard them, when I did the show and probably even more so now," Ramos said on "Good Morning America" on Friday, the same day "Hamilton" was released on Disney+.

"I remember doing the audition and having chills -- it was the first time I ever did an audition and felt this overwhelming adrenaline ... when I was singing those words," he added. "And still, they ring true to this day."

On top of that, Ramos, who played John Laurens and Philip Hamilton, met his fiancée, Jasmine Cephas Jones, during "Hamilton." Jones, the only daughter of actor Ron Cephas Jones, played Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds.

He remembered bringing his guitar with him to set and, when they were on breaks, writing music together as they got to know each other. Ramos said there was something that made him gravitate toward her.

"I was like, 'Dang, she's kinda fly,'" he jokingly recalled.

Though the two, who became engaged in December 2018, don't have any children together, they share two adorable dogs. First came Nala and then came their new puppy, Prince.

Having recently adopted their newest addition during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ramos said Prince is "mad cute" and "so much fun" but admitted he keeps them "more than busy" these days.

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