First and foremost -- major, major spoilers ahead for "Avengers: Endgame."

OK, you've been warned.

Now that we are right in the middle of the big, record-breaking release weekend of "Avengers: Endgame," let's talk about those absolutely heart-dropping moments that the cast of Chris Evans, Brie Larson, Robert Downey Jr. and more gave us in this three-hour blockbuster.

Everyone is going to have their own favorite scene, especially considering the Russo brothers really created a film that is a major payoff for those who have been fans of the MCU since 2008.

Here's a look at some of the moments that should have people talking this weekend.

1 - She's not alone!

In a scene that really mirrored one from "Infinity War," the ladies of the Marvel Universe unite to save the galaxy.

It's all-out war and someone needs to get a newly designed iron gauntlet (with all six infinity stones!) to safety and away from Thanos.

Enter Captain Marvel, who picks up the new gauntlet in a game of hot potato/keep away from the Mad Titan. Someone says it might be hard for her to break through a hoard of Thanos' army.

Then you hear those inspiring words, "She's not alone," as The Wasp, Valkyrie, Okoye, Shuri and more game-changing women (only women) from the MCU band together to protect their hero.

For most fans watching this in theaters, an applause is likely to erupt from the excited audience. Chills.

2 - Assemble!

We've been teased for so many years, but never heard the famous phrase from Avengers leader Captain America that has been synonymous with the group for decades in the comics.

At the climax of the film, Cap is beaten by Thanos and things look grim.

But just then you hear his best bud Falcon radio to Cap that he's on the way.

Next, you see Doctor Strange's magic portals open up and literally every hero you can think of from the MCU arrives.

Black Panther, Falcon, the Winter Soldier, Doc Strange, The Wasp, Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch and more of those erased in "Infinity War" are back and ready to fight.

Then Cap utters those legendary words, "Avengers ... Assemble!"

3 - He's worthy

In a storyline pulled straight from the comics, Cap wields Thor's hammer in an effort to save the God of Thunder's life.

Thanos has Thor beaten and is about to deliver a killing strike. But then...

"I knew it," Thor says, smiling as he sees his trusted friend charging, holding the magical hammer.

PHOTO: Chris Evans as Captain America in "Avengers: Endgame," 2019.
Marvel Studios
Chris Evans as Captain America in "Avengers: Endgame," 2019.

As most fans know, Mjölnir (the hammer's proper name) can only be wielded by those worthy of its great power.

Thor was worried back in "Age of Ultron" that Cap might be able to lift it. He wasn't then.

But when things mattered most, he was not only able to pick it up, but he really leveled Thanos with some shocking blows. It was a scene that made the fan in all of us scream with joy.

4 - 'I am Iron Man'

Talk about an 11-year payoff for die-hard Marvel fans.

In a bittersweet moment at the end of the great battle between the Avengers and Thanos, the Mad Titan is about to snap his fingers yet again and complete his mission to wipe out not just half, but the entire universe this time.

Yeah, he's a greedy villain.

After he grabs the new gauntlet, he says, "I am inevitable" as he snaps his fingers.

But nothing happens.

Well, Iron Man had grabbed the stones during a previous tussle and he reveals his arm, which has the stones floating within his armor.

Then Tony slowly says those iconic words he first uttered back in 2008 at the end of his debut film.

"I ... am ... Iron Man," as he snaps his fingers.

Thanos' army begins to fade away and the Mad Titan is the last to go, sitting in shock, knowing it was Tony Stark who defeated him once and for all.

Sadly, the snap was too much for our hero and he also perishes, with his love Pepper Potts right by his side.

We love you 3000, Iron Man.

5 - Pick up the shield, Sam Wilson

In another dynamic, game-changing move pulled right from the pages of Marvel Comics, an aging Captain America passes the mantle to his best friend, the Falcon.

Cap went back in time to give the infinity stones they obtained back to their rightful owners, as to avoid causing any disturbances in the timeline.

In the process, Steve decided to stay back with his love Peggy Carter and live a full life.

Sam and Bucky meet the 90-year-old Steve Rogers at the end of the film and the Falcon says he's gonna have a hard time not seeing Steve dressed as Cap from now on.

Then, Cap, mirroring what happened in the books, tells Sam to try the shield on. He's the new Captain America!

"I'll do my best," Sam says.

"That's why it's you," Steve responds.

Well played, Steve. And congrats, Anthony Mackie!

Bonus - 'Hail, Hydra'

Two years ago, due to circumstances beyond his control, Cap went bad in the comics. His history was changed and he was now an undercover Hydra agent.

In a funny wink to the fans, Cap is trying to get his hands on an infinity stone that is currently in Hydra's possession just about midway through the film.

After having trouble obtaining it from them, he leans over and whispers, "Hail, Hydra."

They hand him the case.

There you have it, so many amazing moments to chose from here, and so many highs and lows for fans. Either way, enjoy the film this weekend and, please, don't spoil the "Endgame."

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