Hannah Brown may not be engaged after her journey on "The Bachelorette," but in spite of the tumultuous ending she has closure from the heartbreak and said she is "ready to move on."

Brown told "Good Morning America" that coming face-to-face with Jed on "After the Final Rose" Monday night was nerve-wracking but gave her the closure she needed.

"I was a little nervous obviously it was the first time I'd seen him since ending our engagement and our relationship, but ultimately that was not the time for me to punish him," she said. "I'm ready to move on and move forward. I'm excited for my future."

I don't need a man, I don't need a husband, but I want that and I know I'll have that when I find the right person.

Brown thought she found true love with Jed, who had proposed in Greece at the end of the season, but just weeks after she was forced to confront him after reading that he had a girlfriend waiting at home.

Even after Monday night's emotional discussion, Brown said, "I definitely have closure on that relationship."

"It was heartbreaking what I've been through the past few months, but I've said everything I can say and I definitely have closure in all that," she said.

Hannah B. reveals she wants Tyler C. to be ‘part of her life’

The one answer fans were awaiting came when Brown saw Tyler C. for the first time since breaking his heart in Greece.

Brown said on the special, "I have been really grieving that relationship. I mean, those feelings just didn't go away."

Now, on "GMA," Brown addressed the plot twist with a simple "mhmm."

She continued, "Those feelings were real, you don't just turn off those emotions."

"[Tyler C.] has always been supportive and respectful and has continued to do so, so I want him to be a part of my life in some way. So I want to be able to hang out," she said.

In general, Brown said she was thankful for the group of men who "still love and respect" her.

"I'm really appreciative of all the good guys that I did have," she said. "Peter's definitely one of those," she added about the fan-favorite contestant and pilot.

While some viewers have cast judgment on Brown's decisions throughout the season, she said trusting her feelings was the best thing for her to do.

"It was really important for me to understand why I felt the way I did about people and to see that through -- with Jed I really went through all the emotions," she explained. "I think the only way I was able to do that is to really understand the way I felt the way I did and realized what I deserved. Through that and I've just grown so much."

Brown emphasized that while "it hurts to know that people had different intentions" than she did on the show, ultimately she "had a 'Bachelorette' experience that I'm proud of."

"She's not insecure, she's confident, she knows her self worth and I know that is the *'Bachelorette'* experience that I'll never take for granted," Brown said.

As for her future, Brown said she will focus on herself until the right person comes into her life.

"I'm gonna continue working on myself and doing what fills my soul, the more I'm filled the more love I can give," she said. "I don't need a man, I don't need a husband, but I want that and I know I'll have that when I find the right person."