Nearly a month after Bindi Irwin gave birth to her daughter, Grace, the new mom and her husband Chandler Powell are soaking up baby bliss.

In a new special called “Crikey! It’s A Baby!” set to air on Discovery+, the couple shares their journey to parenthood and life now with their daughter.

“GMA” took a peek at what’s in store for the show and exclusive clips show Bindi and Chandler giving viewers a glimpse at their new family through sweet and intimate moments.

Some of those clips show the time Bindi’s brother, Robert Irwin, gifting a dino-sized animatronic dinosaur to Bindi and Chandler for Grace in her nursery ahead of her birth, Robert relishing his role as an uncle, and the moment Bindi and Chandler’s extended Australia Zoo family met Grace for the first time.

Bindi, who lost her father Steve Irwin, at a young age, can be seen in other clips incorporating his memory and legacy in moments with her daughter.

“I think my first words were that she was our graceful warrior,” Bindi says in one clip, reminiscing about the first time she met her daughter. “And we just went, that’s her name. That is perfect. So we decided that Grace was really special and then her two middle names are ‘Warrior Irwin’ as a tribute to dad.”

“We have just been soaking up every single minute of those beautiful newborn cuddles,” added Chandler. “I swear I wake up every five minutes in the night just to check that she’s OK, and she always is but we love her so much.”

The new 1-hour special airs Sunday, April 25, on Discovery+.