Brandi Carlile has already won over fans with her candid songwriting, but now she is hoping to let them in with her memoir, "Broken Horses."

"I wrote it sort of in the same way that I write songs," Carlile, 39, told "Good Morning America" on Monday. "It just sort of came to me."

In "Broken Horses," which hits shelves Tuesday, she writes about her "pretty normal life turned not so normal."

"It was really exciting mining my memories and watching the trajectory of what happened to me, where I started and where I've come to in my life," she explained.

Carlile said she hopes the LGBTQ community will connect with what she has written, particularly "queer people sort of walking through their faith trauma" and "queer people sort of pioneering domesticity and queer parenting."

That said, the six-time Grammy winner said she hopes readers who came from "hard beginnings or humble beginnings" like her will connect with her story of "making your way through not having means or being able to follow your dreams to a really beautiful outcome."

As for what's next, Carlile she said her upcoming album "came quicker than I thought" and is already done.

"It's very dramatic," she teased. "I think the book led us to some pretty dramatic places and unlocked some doors that maybe I didn't have access to before in my mind."

"I will say that the vocals are, like, over the top," Carlile added. "And I'm a pretty over-the-top singer, so that's saying something."