The COVID-19 pandemic has placed millions in financial hardship across America, with closed businesses and high unemployment rates.

But singer H.E.R. is helping her team by providing them with funds to cover their expenses during the next few months.

Background vocalist Ajanee Hambrick, who said she and her family contracted COVID-19, thanked H.E.R. -- a two-time Grammy winner -- for her generosity in a candid Instagram post.

"I've been gone for a second because my family was directly affected by COVID-19. All of us were infected with the virus," Hambrick wrote. "Today this BOSS just blessed her whole team with some COVID-19 funds to help us through the next few months. I’m not talking about a little bag for groceries! She just blessed every last one of us! Thank you, sis!"

Hambrick went on to encourage other artists to support their teams in the same way.

"I hope every artist who has it like that gives back to their team!" she wrote. "Especially if they have been down from day 1."

Hambrick also thanked H.E.R. for leading by example, before giving a shout to H.E.R.'s team: music executive/CEO Jeff Robinson, manager Jeanine McLean, tour manager Misha Mayes and vocal coach Conrad Robinson.

"Because people are influenced by who they choose to surround themselves with!" she wrote. "Much Love."