Claire Foy starred as Queen Elizabeth in the first two seasons of the "The Crown," the critically-acclaimed Netflix series about the royal family, but she wasn't earning as much as her male co-star, producers admitted.

According to Variety, on Tuesday, the show's producers said at the INTV Conference in Jerusalem that Foy, who won a Golden Globe for her work on the show last year, made less money than her on-screen husband, actor Matt Smith.

Smith, they added, commanded a larger salary because he'd already achieved fame from his role in "Doctor Who."

"Going forward, no one gets paid more than the queen,” creative director Suzanne Mackie said.

Foy, 33, won't reap the benefits of the show's new policy, however, as "The Crown" has re-cast the roles of the royal family for seasons three and four. Olivia Colman will succeed Foy as the queen; it has not yet been announced who will replace Smith as Prince Philip.

PHOTO: Claire Foy appears in a scene from "The Crown."
Claire Foy appears in a scene from "The Crown."

“Seasons three and four will be the test of whether the show really has the legs to survive,” said producer Andy Harries, CEO of Left Bank Pictures. “I think we were the first television series ever to change cast and continue, and we will change cast twice. It’s daunting but exciting and I hope it’ll keep the series fresh and really of interest to people.”