Eddie Murphy may be an actor, but he is a father, first and foremost. So, when working alongside daughter Bella Murphy in the comedy "Coming 2 America," those two careers collided during a rather intense fight scene.

The father-daughter duo opened up to "Entertainment Tonight" on Monday about the sequel, where Eddie reprises his role of Prince Akeem. Bella plays his daughter, Omma.

For 19-year-old Bella, the movie was her first acting gig. She said she felt pressure to prove she landed the role because of her acting talents.

"I was very nervous," she told "ET." "I didn't want people to watch it and be like, 'Oh, that's his daughter because she can't keep up with everyone,' you know?"

That mentality, she admitted, made her go a little too hard during a particular fight scene that she shot with her dad.

"I wanted my performance to be really good and I wanted to go in and do the best that I could," she confessed. "I came down with my bow staff and I was supposed to whack my dad and he was, like, blocking, but the way I came down was way too close to his knuckles."

"I saw his life flash before his eyes," added Bella, saying the mishap caused director Craig Brewer to stop the scene. Meanwhile, Eddie jokingly told his little girl, "You're grounded!"

The Oscar nominee added that he is proud of his daughter's movie debut.

"I told her that she couldn't work until she was 18, but she started acting lessons, she was doing an acting school and stuff for maybe two years before that," he explained, saying he allowed her to audition because she was the right age for the part. "So she auditioned for it and got the part."

"Coming 2 America" premieres March 5 on Amazon Prime.