Hailey Bieber candidly spoke about social media's impact on her mental health and admitted she deleted her Twitter account. She said she found the app to be a "very toxic environment."

Kicking off her new YouTube channel on Wednesday, Bieber spoke with Dr. Jessica Clemons, a psychiatrist, about how social media impacts mental health, especially cyberbullying.

The 24-year-old said that after marrying husband Justin Bieber in 2018, she was exposed "to this new kind of level of attention."

"I think one of the biggest things I struggled with for sure was the comparison aspect of body comparison and looks comparison and behavior comparison," she reflected. "I think when you're going through a situation where you just have so many people hounding you with the same thing over and over and over again, it starts to mess with your mind. You start to question everything."

She added, "It got to such a low point to me."

The model then revealed that, in order to protect her mental health, she no longer visits Instagram "Monday through Friday."

"I don't even have a Twitter anymore because ... it was a very toxic environment," she said. "The thought of even opening the app gives me such bad anxiety that I feel like I'm gonna throw up."

Bieber also said her husband intervened and helped her develop healthier social media habits, especially when it came to helping her realize she doesn't "owe everybody an explanation or owe anybody anything."

"I really have to give him credit for it because he's been doing this so much longer at this really massive level," she said. "Life is way better this way."