Since Kevin Bacon is reportedly six degrees away from, well, everybody, what better person to remind us to stay away from each other during the coronavirus pandemic?

With health experts recommending a safe distance of 6 feet, Bacon took to Instagram to announce the "Six Degrees" campaign to encourage us to keep our distance.

"Hi, folks. You know me, right? I'm technically only six degrees away from you," said the "Footloose" star, referencing the famous game, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

"Right now, like people around the world, I’m staying home, because it saves lives and it is the only way we’re going to slow down the spread of this coronavirus," he continued. "Because the contact that you make with someone, who makes contact with someone else, that may be what makes somebody’s mom or grandpa or wife sick."

Bacon explained that everybody has someone close -- emotionally, that is -- that they'd want to keep safe, adding, "Every one of us has someone who is worth staying home for." As an example, he held up a sign with the name of his wife, actress Kyra Sedgwick, reading "#IStayHomeForKyraSedgwick."

He then encouraged celebrity friends like Elton John and David Beckham, as well as their fans, to join him in sharing the message.

What to know about Coronavirus: