Following her role as real-life person Patrizia Reggiani in "House of Gucci," pop star Lady Gaga said one person she "always wanted to play" was Mary Magdalene, the figure from the Bible.

In an interview with Deadline, Gaga was asked whether she'd like to play "anyone else in history," and she mentioned Mary Magdelene.

"I was fascinated by her growing up, because she was seen as this harlot that was essentially Jesus' girlfriend and she washed the feet of Christ," Gaga said. "She's in so much iconography, she has an iconic existence, and she's so important."

Gaga added: "She was there at the ascension. She was also there at the crucifixion. She's this essential piece of history, but she's also seen as a dark figure, a harlot. She's very much The Scarlet Letter."

The "Rain on Me" singer also noted that her song "Bloody Mary," from her album "Born this Way," is about Mary Magdalene.

"So, it was all about this woman that was willing to do anything to love who she believed to be the greatest gift to Earth," she said. "I always thought that that could be interesting, the story of her. I guess I'm interested in women's stories."

Gaga also spoke about how eager she was to tell the story of Patrizia Reggiani in "House of Gucci," but said that it wasn't necessary for her to have Reggiani's "blessing" to portray her.

"I think the blessing that you need is when you are on a world stage -- the way that I am very often -- is that of the audience," she said. "And when the audience embraces you and trusts you to tell them a story, that's the blessing that I need."

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