The cast of "Laguna Beach" is offering fans a chance to see them reunite for the first time ever since the show ended in 2006.

Stars of the MTV reality show, including Lauren Conrad, Stephen Coletti, Kristin Cavallari and more, are partnering with HeadCount for its #GoodToVote challenge in order to encourage voter registration.

If 500 people register to vote or check their registration status using the link provided for the potential reunion, the gang will get back together again to reminisce on the MTV show, which documented their high school years.

Conrad posted a Zoom video about the challenge, featuring Coletti and two other cast members who will appear, Trey Phillips and Dieter Schmitz.

Holding Solo cups throughout the video, the guys showed that even though their high school years are far behind them, some things will never change.

Conrad encouraged her followers to get registered in her post. "It takes minutes to register, and even less to check!" she wrote. "Even if you think you’re already registered, please check to make sure!"

Other cast favorites from "Laguna Beach," including Lo Bosworth, Talan Torriero, Morgan Olsen, Loren Polster and Christina Sinclair, are also expected to participate in the potential reunion event.