Lil Nas X has a few words for his younger self.

Before releasing of his new track, "Industry Baby," the 22-year-old rapper, born Montero Lamar Hill, shared a heartfelt note he wrote to his younger self titled "dear 20 year old montero."

"I wrote a song for us," he began, before reflecting on life after his smash hit "Old Town Road" and the beginning of the global pandemic.

"I know sometimes you feel like it's all downhill from here," he wrote. "I know your sexuality has made you feel like an outcast amongst your peers. I know going from having the biggest song in the world to being trapped in your apartment is weighing heavy on you. And I know if you hear the phrase 'one hit wonder' one more time, you might combust."

After empathizing, the "Call Me By Your Name" singer switched gears and urged himself to get out of his funk and push through all the negative feelings in order to be an inspiration to those who follow in his footsteps.

"But I need you to keep going. I need you to realize that you have the opportunity to be the person that you needed growing up," he said. "I need you to stop feeling sorry for yourself. And I need you to remember that the only person who has to believe in YOU is YOU."

He signed the note with his moniker initials, followed by the trophy and white heart emojis.

"Industry Baby," from Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow, dropped Friday.

From the jump, Lil Nas X hits back at naysayers and haters who thought he wouldn't make it in the industry by rattling off some of his accomplishments, which include a "couple Grammys" and a "couple plaques."

Meanwhile, the music video picks up right where the teaser left off -- with the rapper being sentenced to jail. After a naked shower dance scene, a workout, and spending some time in his cell, Harlow hands Lil Nas X a pickax so he can finish digging his route to escape the prison.

A few more shenanigans ensure, including Harlow being electrocuted and Nas knocking out a guard, played by "Arrow" alum Colton Haynes, before Harlow speeds out of the facility in a bus with Lil Nas X riding on top.

Lil Nas X also used the song's release as a fundraiser and to raise awareness for cash bail in America, asking fans to donate to Lil Nas X’s Bail X Fund with the The Bail Project.

"Industry Baby," which is produced by Kanye West, follows "Montero (Call Me by Your Name)" and "Sun Goes Down." Lil Nas X has yet to announce a release date for his upcoming album, "Montero."