Believe it or not, "The Lion King" first came out in theaters 25 years ago on Monday.

And we have an updated version coming out on July 19.

But before we explore the glory that is Donald Glover and Beyoncé voicing "Lion King" characters, let's take a look back and enjoy the original cast, especially the inspiring music.

A quarter of a century ago, Matthew Broderick, James Earl Jones and Jeremy Irons brought the movie to life, while Elton John and other artists sang the music we still know and love today.

Here are a few songs to jam out to on this very special anniversary.

'Circle of Life'

Here are two amazing versions of this timeless classic.

"It's the circle of life. And it moves us all!"

'I Just Can't Wait to Be King'

We just can't wait for July 19, but in the meantime, enjoy this fun tune.

'Can You Feel the Love Tonight'

Sir Elton is back with this beautiful ballad about love and family.

'Hakuna Matata'

What does it mean again?

'Be Prepared'

Well, all the songs can't be from the good guys. Even Scar gets a song.

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