On Friday, fans finally got a chance to hear a song that guests at Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's wedding already know well: It's the love ballad that he debuted for her as part of his marriage vows.

The new song, "We Can Reach the Stars," details the couple's real-life fairy tale romance.

In the first verse, it addresses the fact that they often wonder what life might have been like if they'd met earlier. But ultimately, Shelton says in the song, everything worked out for the best.

"Who are we to question God and his greater plan? You and me are a blessing and all we've got to do is say amen," he reflects in the single.

"I know we can reach the stars / That's how far my love will go for you," the chorus continues. "I know we can reach the stars / You've already hung the moon."

Shelton and Stefani wed in an intimate, family-focused ceremony on the country star's Oklahoma ranch this July.

Since then, Shelton has assured fans that he's not keeping the song private forever; he decided to include it on the deluxe version of his "Body Language" album, which will be out Dec. 3.

"I'm really proud of ‘We Can Reach the Stars' and I'm really honored to be with her," Shelton shared. "That's why we got married in the first place. That's why we wear rings ... because we want everyone to know. I'm thrilled to share this song with the world."