Luke Bryan's son, Tate, turned 10 years old this week, and his family celebrated the occasion with an unforgettable surprise.

Bryan posted a video of the special moment on social media, beginning with a shot of the birthday boy and his mom, Caroline, sitting in their kitchen.

"There is one little surprise for your birthday," Caroline tells Tate.

Suddenly, in the video, walks in Bryan's nephew, Til Cheshire, who came home from college just to celebrate his cousins' birthday. Tate runs over and tackles Cheshire with a hug as the two cousins enjoy a sweet reunion.

VIDEO: One of Luke Bryan's son's favorite people surprised him for his 10th birthday.
Luke Bryan and wife, Caroline, captured the special moment

But Tate wasn't the only one who had an emotional reaction to the surprise.

"Omg. I'm crying," Bryan wrote in the caption of his post. "Tate just got his 10th birthday surprise. Til!!! Happy birthday buddy."

In fact, the past few weeks have been bittersweet for everyone in the household, as the Bryans dropped off Cheshire for his freshman year of college in early August. On social media, Caroline admitted that although she was proud of her nephew for taking his first steps as an adult, she had "been dreading this day for years."

The country superstar couple adopted Cheshire and his two sisters, Jordan and Kris, after the death of the singer's brother-in-law, Ben Lee Cheshire, in 2014. He was married to the singer's sister, Kelly, who unexpectedly died in 2007.