Actor Mandy Patinkin wants to be sure his beloved dog, Becky, can stick to her routines while he's traveling.

In video captured by the "Good Fight" actor's son, Gideon, Patinkin explains that he'd like to record himself singing three Hebrew blessings to be played before Becky's meals.

Patinkin left Gideon in charge of Becky and said in the footage that being away from his furry friend is always tough for him.

"I love you. You take care of your brother, OK? And you'll hear me with your prayers at every meal and we'll talk on FaceTime," Patinkin told his dog, giving her a final pat. "You take care of Gideon."

Patinkin, 68, explained in March that he sings three Hebrew prayers to Becky before every meal: "Mi Shebeirach," a prayer for healing; the Shema, a daily prayer; and the Motzi, the prayer for breaking bread.

"It's not just a prayer for her, it's a prayer for you [Gideon], a prayer for everybody!" he said.