The trailer for "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" is here!

Marvel Studios released the new trailer for the James Gunn-directed film at CCXP22 (Comic-Con Experience 2022) in São Paulo, Brazil, on Thursday.

According to the film's synopsis, "Our beloved band of misfits are looking a bit different these days. Peter Quill, still reeling from the loss of Gamora, must rally his team around him to defend the universe along with protecting one of their own. A mission that, if not completed successfully, could quite possibly lead to the end of the Guardians as we know them."

Set to Spacehog's '90s hit "In The Meantime," the sneak peek of James Gunn's third and final "Guardians" film starts on a lighthearted note with Peter Quill/Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Drax (Dave Bautista), Nebula (Karen Gillan), Mantis (Pom Klementieff), Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel) returning to some alternate earth.

After Drax characteristically doesn't play nice with a little rabbit-human girl, things take a turn for the ominous when a title card reads, "This Summer, it's time to face the music."

"Pete, I'm done running," an emotional, and seemingly injured Rocket says. "We'll all fly away together, one last time, into the forever and beautiful sky."

Along the way, we catch glimpses of the team -- including Zoe Saldaña's no-longer-missing Gamora -- carrying an injured Drax, and Quill helping a limping Gamora.

PHOTO: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3
Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3

The trailer also shows Quill screaming in grief in an operating room and Rocket finally embracing another of his kind -- a furry creature that, that like him was apparently experimented upon -- and the first glimpse of Will Poulter as the "perfect man"-turned Guardians hunter Adam Warlock smashing Nebula's face.

However, the Guardians aren't going down without a fight: One image shows Star-Lord shooting back to back with Groot, who's firing guns from multiple arms he's sprouted out of his body.

"We are Groot," he says in a callback to his final words in the 2014 original.

New cast members also include Maria Bakalova and Chukwudi Iwuji.

Gunn shared the film's poster in a tweet and called the upcoming movie "the completion of the trilogy; the end of an era. The last ride."

The Marvel Studios film hits theaters May 5, 2023

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