Orlando Bloom recently opened up on special time he shares with his daughter, Daisy Dove.

Speaking with The Sunday Times, Bloom detailed his morning routine and what a typical day looks like for him, his fiancée, Katy Perry, and their daughter, who they welcomed in August.

The actor said one of the first things he does in the morning after waking up at 6:30 a.m. is "check on my daughter, who’s usually up and cooing in her cot."

"My fiancée needs her sleep, so I try to let her have a lie-in," added Bloom, who then gushed about Daisy.

"Daisy’s a very happy baby. I’ll kiss her and we’ll spend some time connecting," he said. "I’ll do eye-gazing with her and sing songs, 'Daddy loves his Daisy Dove' so she knows who Daddy is."

"My son’s first word was 'Mama,' but Daisy said 'Dada,'" Bloom added.

The 44-year-old British actor shares 10-year-old Flynn with ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Bloom explained in the interview that the former couple divides their time equally with their son and, when it's his turn to watch Flynn -- he's the one on breakfast duty.

Speaking of breakfast, Bloom unintentionally went viral for detailing what he normally noshes on in the a.m., saying he likes to "earn my breakfast."

"I’ll just have some green powders that I mix with brain octane oil, a collagen powder for my hair and nails, and some protein," he told the outlet. "It’s all quite LA, really."

After going for a hike, the "Lord of the Rings" alum says he eats porridge garnished with "a little hazelnut milk, cinnamon, vanilla paste, hazelnuts, goji berries, a vegan protein powder" and green tea.

The actor adds he is "90 percent plant based" and eats meat once a month. Unsurprisingly, many found the routine quite humorous and took to Twitter to share jokes about it.