Like so many of us, Pink is self-quarantining at home with her kids during the coronavirus outbreak, and she's posted several videos on Instagram sharing how she's spending her time. One way, it seems, was creating a detailed schedule for her daughter.

Pink says she's constructed a schedule for her eldest child, 8-year-old daughter Willow, to follow, making sure that she's getting in academic time, exercise, creative time, quiet time chores and more.

The "Just Give Me a Reason" singer notes that Willow is "very excited about" the "free TV time" she's built onto the schedule," and adds, "Then bedtime at 8 [p.m.] or 9 [p.m.] -- depending on if you don't fight with your brother!" Pink's son Jameson is 3.

Addressing her fans, Pink, 40, says, "I send you my love and support. Thank you to our health care workers. I love you. And this is a crazy time, but we have each other. So let's figure out a way to talk to each other and connect and be kind. And I'll do my best to be kind too."

"I love you all. We're gonna get through this," she continues. "Just...if you can stay home. No playdates. Just stay home."

In another video, Pink announces she's going to learn how to play the piano "once and for all," and then delivers a beautiful rendition of Bob Dylan's song "Make You Feel My Love," which seems to indicate that she already knows how to play the piano quite well.