As millions across the nation stay home in wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, cats are helping people stay "pawsitive."

After #QuarantineLife was the top trending topic on Twitter Monday morning, #QuarantineCats is the latest hashtag circulating online as many Americans try to make the best of social distancing. Thousands of cat owners took to social media to share photos, videos and gifs on how their cats are dealing with the extra attention at home.

Social distancing

Jean Connell's cats are taking no chances -- even at home.

Shawn's feline friends apparently didn't get the memo.

Alison Green's little guy is taking thorough hand-washing to the next level.

Taylor Swift even chimed in -- telling fans to take after her cat, Meredith, who seems to be interested in nobody's business but her own.


Jessi Davin snapped the aftermath of her cat going claws deep into the latest hot commodity.

Playful distraction

Jackie Palmer's reading buddy looks like she's interested in anything but reading.

Cuddly co-workers

Jeanine Nistler is just trying to work in peace.