When James Blake credited his girlfriend, actress Jameela Jamil, on his recent album, he did not mean it as a shout-out.

While discussing the creation of his latest music at ACL Music Festival over the weekend, the English singer said that Jamil not only inspired his art but also had a hand in making it.

"She has an incredible musical instinct," he told Billboard. "She's kind of a mini Rick Rubin in her own way. I know it sounds -- I'm not just saying this because she's my girlfriend. She has a credit on the album itself. And it's not just a kind of shout-out, it's genuine work."

In response to a tweet the outlet later shared, stating, "@jamesblake discusses his latest album 'Assume Form,' how his girlfriend Jameela Jamil inspired the record, and teases new music," Blake further clarified his message.

"Not just inspired it - she actually worked on it," he wrote. "I even said it in the interview, but people focus on 'inspired' because the idea of the 'muse' is so romantic and pervasive."

He continued, "Women who help their partners with their album, being a sounding board and often their only emotional support during the process, almost invariably go uncredited, while majority male producers come in and make a tiny change to a track and they're Mr. golden balls."

The artist then gave a shout-out to artists' other halves who have "selflessly placated a musician during a very self-absorbed process like creating an album, who got the title 'muse' afterwards which basically amounts to being an object of affection while the musician exercises their 'genius.'"

The "Good Place" actress clearly appreciated his acknowledgment. She shared her support, writing, "I love this man a lot. He's a proper feminist."

Plenty of other artists on the platform seemed to relate, with many retweeting Blake's posts, thanking their partners for their support in their work.

Artist Labrinth wrote, "I love this... my wife is a massive reason why I've even got the finish line on a lot of the music I'm releasing."