Another day, another " Star Wars" teaser and many more questions -- this time out of D23.

But this new teaser features a battle for the ages and a hint that Rey may break Jedi tradition and go to the dark side.

The new clip features Rey and Kylo battling it out, the two powerhouses going at it, light and dark.

But we also see Rey using that infamous red lightsaber that is meant for those of the dark side, mainly Sith lords of the past. It's also double-sided! Will she finally be the force that unites the light and the dark?

This new footage adds to what we saw in April when the first teaser dropped.

At the end of the first trailer, we see what looks to be the wreckage of the second Death Star, with Emperor Palpatine's famed laugh closing out that clip.

"The Rise of Skywalker" is out Dec. 20.

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